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The perfect Gin Tonic from Ghent: The Ghentist Tonic


What makes The Ghentist so special?


The Ghentist

The Ghentist is a new gin launched by 2 brothers from Ghent as a dedication to their hometown Ghent. They made sure every detail is referring to a characteristic of the city of Ghent.

The shape of the bottle reminds you about the many cobblestones used througout the city centre, while the bottleneck has the shape of the famous war canon of Ghent: the 'Dulle Griet'.

The used colors are referring to the famous nickname of the citizens 'de Stroppendragers'. Click below to learn more!

Finally our logo offers you a glance at the skyline of the city with the Sint-Niklaaskerk, Belfort and Sint-Baafskathedraal.

Let The Ghentist be your guide through Ghent!


The perfect Ghentist



5 cl Ghentist with ice



15 cl indian tonic

fever tree


2 slices of Granny smith apple

Who are we?

The Ghentist is a gin launched by 2 brothers, Miel en Stijn Brysbaert as a dedication to their hometown Ghent. The final result is a traditionally distilled gin with a limited batch. Until today less then 500 bottles have been distilled.


We came up with the idea to create a gin 100% dedicated to Ghent in order to continue the gin hype in the summer of '18. This way we can offer the citizens their own gin, while tourists can explore the city by sipping from their newly discovered gem.

why Ghentist Gin?

Local product

Awesome present

Traditionally distilled


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+32 499 33 42 54

The Ghentist


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